On again, again

by ahthompson

Hey, all. I’m back on the proverbial fitness horse again. This is day two of my recommitment. What fueled my decision to do better again? A visit from my mother.

My mother stayed with me last week and brought along with her, her love for all things fried and all things sweet. She graciously relinquished her debit card to me and had me buy donuts and cheesecake and cupcakes. We even had her favorite fried chicken four out of the seven days she was here!

And just having all of those foods around sent me into a massive tailspin and by the end of her visit, I felt sluggish and overstuffed and miserable. It took me days to recover, to feel halfway normal again. 

I was so disappointed in myself and so alarmed at how I felt that I decided to turn things around. 

I realized thatI have to exercise self control at all times, no matter who is around. I’ve got to take care of me.

Sad thing is, this is all connected to the whole people pleasing thing. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings by refusing to bring that stuff into my home and in the process of sparing her feelings, I damn near killed myself.

So, no more of that. I walked yesterday and today and I’ve been eating healthier. I’m challenging myself to walk for thirty days straight and to blog at least every other day.

Keep me in your prayers, please.