I Worked Out… Twice!!

by ahthompson


Sooo, I’m super excited because I FINALLY made use of my gym membership and worked out on Saturday and then again this morning!!

How I got past the anxiety: I did what I always do–research. I watched a treadmill tutorial (I know, I know, but stuff like how to work the treadmill really worries me) and studied the peak times so I wouldn’t arrive to find all of the equipment occupied. And then, I just did it!

The first day was hard since I hadn’t done any form of exercise in a long time. I walked 0.18 miles in about ten minutes and said YOLO about the cool down. My little feet were killing me!

This morning, I improved by leaps and bounds! I walked 0.37 miles in eleven minutes and did the complete cool down!

I can’t wait to see how much progress I make when I go back on Friday!!

I think I can do this!!

Talk to y’all later πŸ™‚